Col. Russell "Red" Reeder
(March 4, 1902 - February 22, 1998)

Red Reeder was born on an Army post and spent virtually his entire life living and working on or near a military installation, even after his forced retirement for wounds received during the Normandy Invasion. He has authored over thirty books on military heroes and history, sports heroes, and leadership.

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Born At Reveille - Memoirs of an American Soldier

by Colonel Red Reeder
U.S.A., Retired

"... a fascinating story of the life of one of our outstanding leaders. Colonel Red Reeder's frank and unfailing good-humored autobiography tells what it was like to grow up on Army posts from Hawaii to Maine. Born at Reveille above all shows how a man learns to lead and what forces shape the talent for command. I recommend his book to the attention of Americans young and old."
Omar N. Bradley
General of the Army

From the Born At Reveille liner notes:

His vivid memories recounted here include the colorful and wonderful boyhood heroes of the peacetime Army, his decided preference for athletics over studies, his resulting academic struggles at West Point, his wartime service on General Marshall's staff, in the Pacific (awarded the Legion of Merit) and at Normandy (awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart), and the dual careers he started at the Academy afterwards as assistant athletic director and author.

As Colonel Reeder became enmeshed in wartime duties, a philosophy of leadership emerged, reinforced by lessons learned on Guadalcanal: lead from the front; train to high standards; be physically fit; listen to your men. This philosophy paid dividends at Normandy, and later, at the request of General Eisenhower, formed the basis for the first formal wartime leadership instruction at West Point. Although an enemy shell ended his career as a combat leader. Red's contributions continued-touching the lives of countless cadets and through his thirty five books, generations of Americans.

Earlier this year, at ceremonies in Washington, D.C. commemorating the fiftieth anniverary of the Normandy invasion, Red Reeder proudly stood alongside Senator Strom Thurmond, who landed by glider at St. Mere Eglise, and actor Charles Durning, who won the Silver Star as part of the first wave onto "Bloody Omaha," receiving accolades from a grateful nation. Lest we forget, Vermont Heritage Press proudly presents this revised edition of
Colonel Red Reeder's Born at Reveille: Memoirs of an Americon Soldier.



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