(last updated: 10/22/1999)

DvPing is a tool for monitoring IP address response times by performing network pings.
Built using DataViews Custom Editor and Player technology along with Visual Basic 6.0,
DvPing is much more graphical than other 'ping' utilities. With many sites being commodities,
('Search Engine' sites are a good example), DvPing can easily identify the ones responding fastest.

DvPing presents an element missing in other ping utilities:  it shows the geography involved.
This is important because distance often impacts response time on the internet. For local networks,
the geography might be a floorplan or a network schematic. Using DataViews Custom Editor technology,
DvPing provides a free-format editing environment.

DvPing constructs other visualizations of the data programmatically based upon the contents of
the geographic display. The data may be viewed as a list of URLs, sorted by name or value.
Data may also be shown as realtime trends such as Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, and Strip Charts.
DataViews makes it easy to add advanced data visualization to any application, whether the animation
rate is fast/realtime or slow/manual.


Seen above is the Map presentation of the URLs. Clicking nodes with the left mouse button pops up details,
while clicking nodes with the right mouse button pops up an option to launch a web browser. When the cursor
stops over a node, a tooltip pops up to show the node's roundtrip ping time.

Email  amccutch@mindspring.com for more information.